What is this?

Just another cheesy useless travel blog? Almost certainly! However, useless as it may be, the aim of this blog is not just to document the where, when and what of my time traveling. Instead, I'm writing with the set goal of discovering the reasons why we travel. I'll be interviewing as many interesting folks as I can in order to answer a few simple questions. Why do we save our money to leave the comforts of home? What do we want to get out of it? What makes it worthwhile?

For introductory purposes and mainly because I'm the only person on this couch right now let's interview me!

Hey Sam. Why have you decided to leave the first world comforts of Boston for the garbage strewn streets of Saigon?

Beats the shit out of me.

This is going well. Take a minute and think on that, I'll eat be eating cookies and checking Facebook. And we're back.

I think I just like to explore. Places and people are much more interesting to me than things. I really just want to see whatev…